Family relocating to Atlanta off to a rocky start

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Norcross, GA (CBS46) A move turned into a nightmare for one family in Norcross, who lost almost everything.

It was supposed to be the Little family’s new home in Norcross but it’s missing quite a few things.

"I was going to put her crib in this room and her changing table and all of her toys and decorations," said Miranda Little.

Those were Miranda Little’s plans for her daughter’s bedroom. She thought about them during the long drive from Cincinnati to Norcross on Tuesday.

"We stopped a lot for her. She doesn’t like to be in the car for a long time."

By the time they arrived, it was too late to check into their new home. So they stayed at the Red Roof Inn location on Brook Hollow Parkway.

They parked their moving truck outside and slept.

"We woke up and our U-Haul with our entire apartment was gone," said Little.

Little and her boyfriend thought maybe the truck was towed.

But a police report says surveillance video shows an older-model, green Nissan Maxima pull into the parking lot of the hotel next to the U-Haul.

A passenger went behind the truck and broke in to take a look around.

"All of my family’s things that we’ve built up for in the past five years to get, that wasn’t just handed to us that we worked hard for," continued Little.

According to the report the thief broke into the U-Haul’s cabin and then started the truck.

"They hot-wired it in less than a minute and they just took off," says Little.

With only the items from their car, the Little’s are now in an empty apartment, missing more than just furniture.

"Things from when she was first born, pictures and ultra sounds," continued Little.

Now having to somehow start over and sharing this warning for those moving.

"Do not leave your U-Haul in a hotel parking lot overnight."

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