Go South And Enjoy Georgia

Nudging up against Florida Georgia has a reputation of being the little sister to a state that is known as a party capital. But the truth is that Georgian should not be in the shadow of the Sunshine Sate – in fact it should be on every single visitor to the south’s bucket list.

Why? It’s simple – this is state that has it all.

Want great seafood? Georgia will deliver. Want great hiking trails and some of the most natural vistas in North America – Georgia will deliver. Small towns where the American dream lives on – this is a state that will deliver in spades. But if you want ultra modern nightlife and pulsating excitement Georgia will also give you exactly what you want.

Firstly – the food in the Georgia part of the world is incredible. It mixes up a whole lot of cuisine which has been influenced by African and native tastes. So get your walking boots on and join a tour that takes in some of the best historic and culinary traditions of the region. There are a number of tour operators who do walking tours exploring the tastes and history of Georgia. If you have any interest in food and wine this is an experience you simply should not miss.

It may seem a bit morbid but a tour of Savannah’s cemeteries is not as depressing as you may think. The Bonaventure Cemetery tours are incredibly interesting. Tour masters will give visitors an insight into some of the most fascinating periods of American history and the people who shaped what America is today. This is a cemetery that has inspired writers across hundreds of year and has been described as one of the most beautiful and morbid places in the United sates. With A reputation like that it should not be missed.

No city or region should ever be explored when thirsty. However, Georgia has a special treat in store for those who have a thirst. You can find tour operators who will take you on a tour of the haunted bars of Savannah in Georgia. The combination of thrills and some of the best beer and ale in the United sates should have everyone who likes a tipple tremendously excited. If this doesn’t get your taste buds up and ready and the hairs on your arms standing on end then you probably should stay in bed.