What Does The Real Estate Market Look Like In Norcross GA?

Real Estate

What does the real estate market look like in Norcross GA? Well, I can tell you for starters that the median sales price for homes in that area is $183k. That’s pretty standard for the area and is a good indication of the strength of the market. Also, the average price per square foot is $103, and just so you know, the median rent is around $1300. Those are the figures so far at the beginning of 2018.

Around the nation, you could consider the market to be both a buyer’s market and a seller’s market. Norcross is no different, and so buyers and sellers alike should be motivated when it comes to the market numbers. The marker trends for Norcross do specifically show that sales prices are on the rise, significantly in recent months. That also gives you an indication that home values are on the rise in Norcross.

Maybe you are an investor looking for the best city to pick up more real estate. Norcross represents a good investment opportunity as things stand now. You would think that home values and sales prices would continue to be on the rise throughout the year and beyond. I mentioned that the median sales price was about what was expected, but it does indeed fall under the national average.

That is actually expected for Norcross, and that’s good. You can get more home for your money in the city, and that’s why as the market picks up nationwide, Norcross is one of those cities that is being looked at more closely. Whether you are looking to buy or sell, Norcross GA represents a city that is doing well in regards to real estate. Now it is time to dig deeper into the details and see what that means for you today.